Margie and Rik The Summit Mt Coot-tha Wedding photography

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Margie and Rik’s The Summit Mt Coot-tha Wedding 

A daily ride on a train, that shy boy hiding behind the Daily Times, he meets a beautiful girl ………… That was over 8 years ago when Margie and Rik became high school sweethearts, catching the same train to school together. “It’s about time” came some of the comments, after so many years you could see that these two are so comfortable together.  I got to see first hand how beautiful these two are together when we went to Somerset for their engagement photo session. Their wedding was held a top a big hill “The Summit” at Mt Coot-tha which commanded views all over the city and beyond.  Crowds gathered to watch the lights of the city illuminate the countryside, others gathered to watch a more important event, the joining of two souls. Their night was illuminated by the beautiful people they invited to share their day, their lives and their stories with.  Please enjoy a sneak peek from Margie and Rik’s Summit Wedding at Mt coot-tha.

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