Jaimie and Doug's Country Tipi wedding video- reel

April 15, 2017  •  1 Comment

My first video reel at Jaimie and Doug's epic tipi country wedding


My first wedding video.  It's more like a reel, a wedding reel, something uncle bob put together from your wedding, shot on an old super 8 camera 

Creativity and inspiration where does it come from? 

For me it comes from people, emotion and movement. 

If you haven't noticed I take very few static still photographs on wedding days, there's always an element of movement some where in the frame whether it be a simple smile to twirling the dress. That movement evokes feeling in me, I used that same principle to video in a photojournalistic style. 

I don't know how to describe what I created apart from its a wedding reel and it makes me feel happy.

A huge shout out to Richie one of the best wedding photographers I know for making this day happen for me and to Jaimie and Doug for allowing me to let my own creative freedom be unleashed. 


Jaimie and Doug's country tipi wedding video reel Jaimie and Doug's Country Tipi wedding video reel


Diane Delaney(non-registered)
Brilliant Adam ! I love it.What a wonderful new concept to remember your wedding day by instead of the traditional album!
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