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Let's face it we live in a digital world with a throw away society, waiting for the next piece of updated software or equipment, spending thousands on technology only for it be outdated or superseded by something else.

Which brings me to my point, what doesn't get out dated and loose it's value? A simple print, that's right when was the last time you touched a print or even had one printed? I know for myself it WAS very few and far between. I take thousands of photos of my kids and yet they sit lost and hidden from the world on a hard drive. 

Recently, well not so recently now, we had a professional photo session with a photographer friend of ours. She did an amazing job and we had one image put on a canvas, that one image I see everyday and admire every day seeing my children, my wife and myself laughing and interacting,  its such a powerful image every time I see that image I'm taken back to that one beautiful moment.

This is what photography is all about, appreciating the moment creating a record and allowing your mind to be taken back to that moment, not only seeing the beautiful faces but you remember the smells the gentle breeze the way the sun twinkled through the trees, how I touched my wife's hand and we drew in close, how amazingly beautiful she looked a few months pregnant, how Ethan wouldn't let go of his favourite bunny and refused to acknowledge the camera and the way Sienna played with my hair as she sat on my shoulders.

All this from one image, this is what I want you to have hanging on your wall. 

A record not on the screen or phone or never scene on a hard drive but a moment in your history expertly crafted into a piece of physical art you will see everyday and be taken back to that moment. 

Where do we capture these moments?

They can be on location, either in your family home or in a place that is special to you (i.e beach, park, coffee shop, favourite bar, onboard your boat or with your sports car etc) It's all about you and having a selection of beautiful images in an environment that reflects your personality.  


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Brisbane Maternity PhotographyBrisbane Maternity Photography


Brisbane Maternity photographyBrisbane Maternity photography  



Brisbane portrait studio photography Studio portrait photography with a hint of fashion and personality


I have only 1 package and thats an album package including a 9.5x9.5 album with 20 pages 

included in this package is 20 images in the album and corresponding digital files on disc.

$800 extra images in the album are $35 each  


A La Carte Pricing




Lumi Tile                                                                          4x4'' $65 | 4X6'' $100 | 8x12'' $180 |  12x12" $240 

Canvases  (75 year warranty)                                           12x14" $250 | 16x24" $350 | 20x20" $400 | 20x30" $450 | 20x40" $ 600 | 26x40" $700

Acrylic Mounts                                                                 12x14" $300 | 16x24" $400 | 20x20" $450 | 20x30" $500 | 20x40" $650




Imagine what a portrait of you and your partner or family in your happiest moments would look like AND - how much that would mean to you !


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