Photo credit Camilla Kirk Photography Gold Coast 


Charlie and I would like to say HI!

We are the husband and wife team behind Raconteur Photography, the Brisbane based Wedding photography business.
I'm the photographer (Adam) and really bad writer and Charlie is the brains and business behind Raconteur. Oh! By the way everyone calls Charlene (Charlie) they always have.


I started my journey with photography while living in (sunny) England, we spent 6 years travelling extensively throughout Europe and beyond, capturing holiday moments, amazing landscapes and architecture, check out some of the images I took on our travels here > (Travel Photography)  My first half decent camera was a Panasonic bridge camera which most of these were taken with nothing fancy a simple point and shoot camera, ( with dials )

Why Wedding Photography?

Through a mutual friend I was introduced to one of Britain's top Asian Wedding photographers, who invited me to help shoot a wedding with him. I was immediately hooked, I came home from that wedding with so much buzz, spending the entire day documenting one of the happiest and most joyous occasions of ones life. 


Our lives were turned upside down in the December of 2011 with the arrival of twin babies Ethan and Sienna, yes twins and yes one of each! We returned home to Brisbane in 2012 with our little ones and since then we have welcomed baby Isla into the family, she's adorable, with curly hair and a cheeky grin :)


Since our return I have become an accredited Photographer of AIPP ( Australian Institute of Professional Photographers) and more recently I won a Silver Award at the 2015 Print awards, my first time entering. 


Now that we are home ( It feels good, but I still have travel bug) I still have a bucket list of places I would like to shoot at, so if you are getting married in Bali, Thailand, the Greek Islands (personal favourite) and closer to home the Whitsundays, Sydney or Melbourne , I'd love to be considered. 


Enough about photography what about me! I enjoy being at home funny enough and sometimes at the frustration of Charlie, I love my children they really are a precious gift. I enjoy red wine and a nice Scotch or Bourbon, not all at once :)  I can talk for hours about photography, travel and kids and listen for hours about your own journeys and stories. Stories are the original entertainment, before TV, radio and even photography.  


Drop us a line tell us all about your story we would love to hear from you :)


Adam and Charlene