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I've Spent the last few years traveling around Europe and beyond seeing some amazing sites and meeting some wonderful people on the way. I am slowly compiling together a collection of images that I've taken in variuos locations around the world for your viewing pleasure. Most of these images were taken on a Panasonic Lumix bridge camera and in some cases a simple point and shoot. So feel free to download and share, use as your screensavers, facebook covers etc. And If you love the images please leave a quick message and share the link with your friends. Many thanks for visiting, Adam and Charlene.
castle grounds (2)Englandcastle grounds (1)Trafalgar SquareParis (1)Paris (2)Rome (1)Rome (2)Rome (3)AmsterdamSchloshlictinstein castle Germany (1)Schloshlictinstein castle Germany (2)France Scapes (1)France Scapes (2)EnglandAlgarve Portugal (1)Algarve Portugal (2)Spain